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Dear fellow medical students

The Swiss IPPNW Student Chapter is still in its infancy and already we have a big task at hand - organizing the student part of the next IPPNW world congress from August 25th - 30th 2010.

It will be a thrilling undertaking, organizing plenaries, workshops and last but not least the cultural and social program surrounding the scientific part. The plannification of the pre-congress bike tour has already begun... We're still looking for motivated people interested in taking an active part in the world's anti-nuke movement and hopefully even in the history towards a nuclear weapon free world.

Would you like to support our goal with fresh ideas and a little organization skills? Then don't hesitate to contact us by sending a mail.

For more information about the pre-congress bike-tour, please visit the BAN 2010 Tour website.

See you soon, greetings, Roman Sandoz (National Student Representative)


Please also visit the new international students homepage